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Course A


Course A




Haven’t done as well as you were expecting to in your GCSE or A-Level exams?

At Talent Engaged we are committed in helping out our students to achieve their full potential. We offer intensive one-to-one as well as small group tuitions for most subjects. We identify your areas of weakness and develop them into strengths. Our GCSE and A level classes are there to prepare and equip each individual with the knowledge they need to facilitate the process of gaining the grade that they desire.

Tuition sessions are based on weaknesses identified via a full assessment. The assessments consist of an interview process, a written exam and feedback for improvement. Based on the assessment our management will advise the best route to take in order to achieve your desired grades.

It is essential to understand the importance of both GCSE and A level exams. GCSE exams determine what A levels a student qualifies to do. It is the foundation in achieving the desired aspirations in life. The right grades in the right A level subjects mean you can choose which university you want to attend and what field you want to study in. Having the right GCSE and A level grades are therefore essential in securing the right position in employment. An average adult works a third of their adult life. This is a considerable chunk of life. Working in the right position, in the right sector is thus a certain route to success in life.


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